It is condition when normal vaginal secretion is increased in amount.
Thre is wil b no excess of leucocytes prenset
discharge should be non purulent
an increase in vaginal discharge developes physiologically at puberty, during pregnancy, at ovulation n in som women during the premenstrul phase of the mc.
Hypertropied prementrual gland of the endometriun secrete mucus whic is discharge through cervix into the vagina.
Lecuorrhea during puberty is probably caused by the increased vascularity of the uterus, cervix, n vagina. It is of temporary n not need of treatment.

Non pathological leucorrhea. CLASSIFICATION
1 CERVICL mucovs discharge frm thd endocervical gland increase in such condition as chronic cervicitis, cervical erosion, mucous polypi.etc
2 VAGINAL this seen when discharge orginated from vaginal walls.
Thes cell constanly being desquamed, when their glycogen liberated is fermented by doderlins bacilli. Which produce lactic acid. This process under control of oestrogen.
Lecorrhea must b distinguished from specific vaginitis by bact. Logical exam^
Speculm exam^of the vaginal wal usually decide the source of leucorhoea.

Cogestive state of pelvic organ such as
pregnacy, prolapsed of cogested ovarier,chroic PID, are the couse of the increased vaginal discharge.

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