indication diagnostic and therapeutic
diagnostic :1 infertylity and tubal diseases 2 edometriosis 3 chronic pelvic pain 4 ovarian disorders 5 suspected adnexal masses 6 suspected ectopic pregnancy 7 pelvic inflammatory diseases  8 ovarian malignancy 9 ascites 1o genital tuberculosis 11 uterine abnormalities _bicornuate uterus septate or rudimentary horn  adhesions
Operative :1 pelvic adhesion 2 ovary a PCOD b ovarian cystc pelvic lymphadenopathy 3 uterus myomectomy LAVH  excisino of rudimentary horn 3 fallorian tube sterilization for family planning unruptured ectopic  pregnancy 4 other  genital prolapse stress urinary incontinence pelvic floor repair dysmenorrhoea hernia
PROCEDURE 1 diagnostic under sedation and local anaesthesia therapeutic always general anaesthesia 2 position semi lithotomy and slight trend elenburg position
3 pneumo peritonium is created  4 continuos flow of carbon di oxide is maintained 5 trocar and laparoscope insertion 6 under fibre optic illumination procedure carried
complication:1 gas embolism 2 cardio pulmonary arrest 3 haemorrhage 4 cautery burns 5 sepsis 6 injuries to bowel bladder small intestine ureter blood vessel
other or minor 1 post operative peritonial adhesion 2 hernia 3 failure of procedure

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