Klinefelters syndrome

Seen in 1:500 males.
Rare disorder.
Externaly rsmbls a male in general body conformity, d penis is small or normal in size, d testes r small, but as a rule r normally placed.
Sterility is common.
Gynaecomastia is frequently present.
Voice may b high pitched & d apearance may b eunuchoid.
Patient often mentally defective or delinquent.
Most of these individuals r sex chromatin +ve lik females becoz of d extra X chromosome.
Genetic analysis reveals their karyotype 2 b 47XXY.
Testicular biopsy usualy reveals hyaline degneration of d seminiferous tubules & overgrowth of Leydig cells as a result of whch sterility is so often d presenting symptom.
Sole 2 pubic length is more dan normal.
D person shud b bred as male, & shud nt b told abt chrmsomal abnormality.
Testosterone may help.

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