newer vaccines

Following r-
 hemophilus influenzae-h.Influenzae causes meningitis n pneumonia,hib capusular polysaccharide induces production of antibodies,started at 2mths of age repeated doses at 8wk interval n bosster at 12 18 mth.  Varicella prepared frm oka strain age 1 -2 yrs adverse effects r few,indication r immunocompromised host,adult n adolescents 0.5ml s.C.        
Rota virus live attenuated tetravalent orally,each dose 2.5ml administered 2,4,6mth oraly.
Cholera strain ogawa,inaba,no upper age limit, shld not be given before 1yr, 0.5ml bosters every 6mth s.C deltoid 2 types killed n live attenuated.
 Meningococcal quadrivalent 50microgm single s.C 0.5ml children older than 2yrs.
,pneumococcal polyvalent sc or im
,japanese encephalities 3types of vaccine sc in 2 doses of 0.5ml boster after 1yr,influenza children older than 6mth

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