Turner syndrome

Turner syndrome-45XO
in this syndrome,nucleas posses only 45 chromosome,i.e 22pair of autosone plus a sex chromosome XO.The absence of Y chromosome resembles the female but these pt are like male,chromatin negetive,i.e.Their nuclei contains no nuclear satellite body and no drumstic in neutrophils.
Turners syndrome has also called ovarian agenesis or gonadal dysgenesis becoz at laparotomy the gonad is found to be consist of undifferentiated stroma with absence of sex cells,mere strip of fibrous strip of fibrous tissue attached to broad ligament like pale strip ,so called streal gonad.The follicle grows upto 20 th wk of fetal life but become atretic due to absence of 1 x chromosome.These ovaries does not contains graffian follicle so estrogen is not produced.
The pt are clinically of short stature though not actual dwarf,the trunk is muscularg.,the neck is short and webbed,cubitus vulgus is notable.Breast are not develops and pubic  and axillary hair is scanty or absent.Exagerated epicanthic fold may be present.Vagina and uterus if present are undeveloped.Other gross congenital abnormalities present..
Oestrogen therapy with intermittant progesterone is advised to prevent osteoporosis.Artificial vagina is needed at a later date for sexual function.Administration growth harmone is needed to improve growth.

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