INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION/ IN VITRO FERTILIZATION= in this induction of ovulation is done with clomiphene, FSH/LH or GnRH depending upon woman's response to d drug. D aspiration of mature oocytes is done under ultrasonic guiadance. Oocytes r kept in specific culture for a few hrs, tn complete oocyte maturation. 50,000 selected sperms r used for insemination. 18 hrs after insemination, oocytes r observed for presence of pronuclei and cultured for a further 24 hrs. At 2 to 4 cell stage, two embryo transfer into uterine cavity 1cm below fundus is performed. Woman is allowed to go home 2 to 3 hrs following embryo transfer.
INDICATIONS= 1-idiopathic or unexplained male female infertility.2-immunological factor in male n female. 3- blocked fallopian tubes..4-failed intrauterine or fallopian insemination..5-mild endometriosis. 6- abnormal semen findings.......3 to 4 cycles of IVF  yield 15-20% pregnancy rate. D best results r seen in women with blocked tubes, whr poor results in oligospermia, teratospermia, n asthenospermia.. IVF is costly therapy nt affordable to many couples.. B'coz of multiple pregnancy ensuing 4m two embryo transfer with associated increased fetal loss through abortion, ectopic pregnancy n preterm delivery...d cost of IVF therapy n older age of women seeking assisted reproductive therapy in india hv compelled d IVF specialists to continue to use two embryo transfer method as of today..  

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