Induction of ovulation

Inductio of ovulation is 1 of the mode of treatment of infetility.
Followin modalilities are available_1 clomiphene citrate..-ovulation should be induced by clomiphene citrate with dose of 50 mg/day starting frm 2nd to 6 day of cycle.Ovulation is monitorf by USG monitoring of follicula size and occurance of ovlation.If the response to50mg of cc is not satisfactory,the dose of cc incresed to 100 mg/day frm day 2 to 6..If clomephene therapy fails,FSH and hCG is recommanded.
2 combination of clomephene citrate and hMG in PCOD.-cc 50mg _100mg/day frm 2 to 6 day of cycle.Inj hMG 75 unit intramuscular is added  on day 3 5 and 7.
3 prendnisolone.5 mg at night plus 2.5 mg every morning is adviced until spontaneous ovulation set in.
4 hyperprolactinaemia is treated with bromocriptine 1.25 mgat bed time daily for 7 day.
5 laparoscopin ovarian drilling

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