Neurology 1

Absent ankle jerks but extensor plantars Sex can make the F*ing ankles Dorsiflex
Subacute combined degeneration of the cord
Conus Medullaris
Motor Neurone disease
Tabes dorsalis
Fredreich’s Ataxia
Diabetic neuropathy

Altered Mental State AEIOU TIPS
Alcohol (drugs), Endocrine, Insulin, Opiates, Ureamia
Toxins / trauma / tumour, Infections, Psychosis / Porphyria, SOL / stroke / seizure / shock

Cerebellar signs VANISH DDT
Vertigo, Ataxia, Nystagmus, Intention tremor, Slurred speech, Hypotonia
Dysdiadocokinesia, Dysmetria, Titubation
Past-pointing, Intention tremor, Nystagmus, Ataxia, Rebound, Dysdiad, Slurred Speech
Confusion DIM FACES
Drugs / Dehydration, Infection, Metabolic / MI,
Fracture / Failure, Alcohol / Anaemia, CVA, Electrolyte disturbances, S.O.L.

Dystrophia Myotonica BIG CHIPS
Balding (frontal), Intellectual impairment, Glucose intolerance
Cataracts / Cardiomyopathy, Handshake / Hyporeflexia, ↓IgG, Ptosis, Small gonads

Mononeuritis Multiplex DRAW CLAPS
DM, RA, AIDS, Wegeners
Carcinomatosis / Churg-Strass, Leprosy, Amyloid, PAN, SLE

Multiple sclerosis CURSED HIV
Cerebellar signs, UMNL, Retrobulbar neuritis, Spastic paraparesis, Euphoria
Dementia / Depression / Diplopia
Horners, Incontinence, Vertigo / Vomiting

Muscles supplied by Median Nerve LOAF
Lumbricales, Opp pollicus, Abd pollicus, Flex pollicus brevis

Neuropathic Ulcers TADS
Tabes Dorsalis, Alcohol, DM, Syringomyelia

Pill rolling, akinesia, rigidity, kyphosis, instability, neck titubation, shuffling gait,
occulogyric crisis, nose tap (glabellar), small writing

Peripheral neuropathy DANG THE PAPIST
DM, Alcohol, Nutrition (B1, B2, B12), Guillian Barre
Trauma, Hereditary, Environmental (lead, drugs)
Paraneoplastic, Amyloid, Porphyria, Inflammatory, Syphilis, Tumours of nerves (HMSN)

Polyneuropathy VITAMINS
Vit def / vasculitides, infection (TB, leprosy, syphillis, polio)
Toxins (amiodarone, antiseptics, INH, lead, metronidazole, phenytoin, vincristine)
Amyloid, Metabolic (alcohol, DM, ↑thyroid, porphyria, liver & renal failure),
Idiopathic / Inherited, Neoplasm, Systemic (SLE, PAN, multiple myeloma)

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