Consists of dividing d vas deferens nd disrupting d passage of sperm. Done through a small incision in d scrotom, under local anaesthesia. Sterlity is not immdiate. Sperms stored in reproductive tract for 3 months. Approxmtly 12 ejaculates required to clear semen of all sperms. Two semen reports must confirm d absence of sperm b4 d man can b declared sterile. No scalpel technique adopted nowa days. Clips can b applied over d vas instead of cutting. Vasectomy is cheaper than tubectomy.

1 outpatient procedure
2 local anaesthesia.
3 minor surgical procd nd man can resume duty aftr rest of one or two days.
1 Haematoma nd infection
2 spontaneous recanalisation may occur .
3 spermatocele formatn
4 autoimmunity thrgh formtn of antibodies.
5 failure of surgery.
6. Doesnt prevent transmssn of HIV
1 local pain, skin discolrtn, bleeding, haematoma formtn.
2 infection, trauma to d  testicular artry causing gangrene.
3 antibody formtn nd autoimmune disease.
4 failure rate of 0.15/100WY at d end of one year.
5 granuloma formatn in 0.1 to 3% cases.
6 spontaneous recanalisation.
7 decreased libido or impotency are mainly psychological in origin nd occur in men who were not motivated.

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