Syringomyelia is a disorder where cavitation occur within spinal cord along with dilated central canal.
     Common sites - lower cervical & high thoracic region
      Many associated with Chiari malformations
  * Causes
1. Congenital (idiopathic)
2. Associated with  tumours
3. Post-traumatic
4. Arachnoiditis
   * C/f
1. Common in females
2. Occurs during 3rd  or 4th decade of life
3. Numbness in upper limbs with frequent burns & injuries which r painless
4. Spatic weakness in lower limbs with bladder involvement
1. Scoliosis with central cord syndrome with following findings
  - LMN signs in upper limbs
  - Dissociated suspended ancestiesia
   - pyramidal signs in lower limbs    
2. Thoracic kyphoscoliosis is common
3.  Sensory disturbances may extend to neck & face
1. Plain radiograph of cervical spine
2. Myoelogram
3. CT scan
4. MRI of brain & spinal cord shows fluid filled cavitation & dilated central canal . Most sensitive
   Surgical removal of obstruction to CSF flow , along with syringo - subarachnoid shunt  


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