FIGO STAGING OF carcinoma cervix

STAGE 1~~carcinoma confined to the cervix

1A ~ microinvasive ca
     1A1~measured stromal invasion of less than 3.0mm in depth and less than 7.0 mm in horizontal spred
    1A2~measured stromal invasion bet. 3 and 5 mm in depth and not exceeding 7 mm in horizontal spred
 1B~clinically visible lesion
     1B1~~clinically visible lesion 4cmor less in size
     1B2~~clinically visible lesion more than 4 cm in size

STAGE 2~~cancer spred beyond the cervix but not to pelvic wall or third of the vagina
  2A ~~tumour without parametrial invasion
  2B~~tumour with parametrial invasion

STAGE 3~~tumour exceeds lateral pelvic wall . Involves lower third of vagina
 3A ~~tumour involves the lower third of the vagina  no extention to lateral wall
 3B ~~tumour extends to the pelvic wall and or involves kidney

STAGE 4 tumour spreds ty the pelvic organ or distal metastatis
 4A ~~tumour involves bladder or rectum or spreds beyond the true pelvis
 4B ~~widespred tumour with distal metastatis

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