Dermoid cyst

1- 5 to 10 % of all cystic tumors of ovary
2- usually 15 cm in size.
3- usually unilocular with smooth surface.
4-wall partly lined by squamous epithelium containing hair follicles nd sebaceous glands.
5-it contains sebaceous material and hair. This material collects in form of small balls
6- inner surface is called Focus or embryonic node . Hair from here project.
7-though called dermoid cyst, it actually sometimes also contains tissuns from mesoderm nd endoderm in some part of tumor.
8-it frequently arises  in association with mucinous cystadenomas. Allmost 40% of dermoid cysts are mixed.  
These mixed kind are common in age group of 20 to 30.
9-Extraovarian dermoids arise sometimes in d lumbar region, uterovesical area, parasacral region, rectovaginal septum.
10-Dermoids are bilateral in 12 to 15 %.
11-Epidermoid carcinoma occurs in 1.7%. .

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