COMPLETE ABORTION= def- whn products of conception r expelled en mass, it is called complete abortion. A-CLINICAL FEATURES= thr history of expulsion of fleshy mass per vaginum followed by..1- subsidence of abdo. pain.  2- vaginal bleeding becomes strace or absent.  3-internal examination reveals= a) uteru is smaller than period of amenorrhoea n little firmer. b) cervical os is closed. c) bleeding is trace. d) examination of expelled fleshy mass is found intact.  B)MANAGEMENT= 1-effect of blood loss, if any should b assessed n treated. 2- if thr is doubt of complete expulsion of products, uterine curettage should b done. 3- transvaginal sonography is useful to prevent unnecessary surgical procedure. 4-Rh NEGATIVE WOMEN- a rh negative pt widout antibody in her system should b protected by anti-D gamma globulin- 50 microgram or 100 microgram i.m. in cases of early abortion or late abortion resp. within 72 hrs.          Anti-D  may nt b required in complete miscarriage b4 12 wks gestation whr no instrumentation has been done.

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